Sunday, 24 November 2013

UV ray bracelets

Last week Mrs T said that we are going to be focusing on science!
So the next day she brought in some of these beads, that changed colour in the sun from these rays called UV rays. So that night we had to find out what UV rays are?
The next day we came back and she asked us " what are UV rays?" A few people put their hands up. They said it was these rays that come from the sun and make us have sun burn and possibly skin cancer.
Later that day we found out a lot of info about these rays and then we got told what the beads were for. They were beads that change coulor,  in the sun. The beads were very expansive so we had to be very careful not to lose them.
We hand knitted the wool. Then when we all finished we got the beads and if they fitted we put the beads on our bracelet and that was our bracelet. Mine fitted on and this is what it looks like now. And also what it looks like when the UV rays hit it!
The beads change colour when they detect Uv rays. This will let us know when we are getting burnt from UV rays from the sun.
So our braclets are actually UV dectectors.

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